Mission Statement

IREF is an organization that works with recreational leagues to train current and new referees ages 14 and up to become IREF certified recreational soccer referees.

IREF has a unique philosophy for refereeing. Using the IREF protocols have proven very successful in dramatically reducing dissent from players, parents and coaches. While improving the soccer IQ of coaches and parents. 

Coaches and parents are encouraged to take referee surveys on the pitch after the match. This gives them an opportunity provide their feedback. This feedback  is a great help to the IREF training team. These surveys ask detailed questions about the IREF protocols and game management of the referee. This information is then provided to the IREF training staff who work individually with that referee in a positive environment to improve on lacking skills.   

The IREF program is designed to provide valuable life skills of judgment, critical thinking, conflict resolution, preparation, communication (verbal and non-verbal), improvisation, professionalism, fitness, management and decorum.

IREF helps individuals gain knowledge of the laws of soccer, the mechanics of refereeing, and match management.

IREF provides the resources to get individuals their IREF referee certifications and acquires the proper uniform and gear.  IREF can also assist if the referee would like to become U.S. Soccer Federation and/or National Federation of High Schools certified referees.

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