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See what others have had to say about the IREF training program and the referees we've produced!

Started reffing soccer when I was 13 for WJYS, maybe a year later I was told about IREF. I decided to pop in a clinic to see what it was like. I learned a ton from Mark Probert. A ref who, when I was playing back when I was around 10-12, was the coolest ref ever and that’s when I wanted to be a ref.

At the clinic I learned a lot about reffing, handling parents, players, and coaches and how to be composed and be a representative of the sport. At the state certification the next year, I already knew most of the content from the IREF clinics and had a leg up on all the other rookies. No clinic can tell you what to expect during a heated game, but IREF teaches you how to deal with the problems professionally. Now in my 3rd year of state reffing, I always look back at my IREF training and what I’ve learned. From U8 Comp games to U19 State championship games, the way I handle games is all thanks to IREF and Mark. Recently I was called a “Mini-Mark Probert” after a game by a coach and couldn’t be happier. I was getting respect and have to thank IREF for it. Definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to be a state ref, and any kids thinking about reffing. Your love of the game will grow, and the respect you will be shown will increase.

Declan C

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