• Mindset of a Referee

  • Mindset of Coaches/Administrators

  • Mindset of Players

  • Mindset of Parents/Fans

  • Fouls and Recognition

  • Laws of the Game 

 Mechanics and game day prep

  • Mechanics of the Ref (signals, non-verbal communication, whistle etiquette, field position, game management)

  • Practical application and scenarios

  • Fitness tips 

  • Gameday preparations

This recreational soccer referee clinic will cover the basics of how to be a referee. How to understand the mindset of players, parents, coaches and referees. This clinic will also cover the Laws of the game for Recreational/Training leagues. The mechanics needed to referee seem easy. That is until you are the one who now has to make a fast decision and then make the correct signal. This clinic will help to simplify what is being seen on the pitch. It will help in knowing how and when to make a call and how to correctly signal so the players, coaches and parents understand the call. This clinic will also cover game day preparation, pre and post game duties and gear needed to look and be your best. 

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