Mark Probert

I have been in love the game of soccer ever since I saw it on TV in Thailand in 1974. I was fascinated with the foot skill and speed of the game. It was 9 years before I played

organized soccer at Murray High School.

With little skill, but a lot of heart and aggregation, I made the club. I was a mid-fielder and loved to run the whole of the pitch.

I was now playing the sport that would prove to be a lifelong love affair.

I played on various teams until 2004. I started coaching My kids' rec and then comp teams until 2010. Then I took up the whistle.

In Refereeing, I found a passion that has brought me great joy by being close to the game I love. I also find great joy in teaching and mentoring young referees, It is so satisfying to see a referee gain confidence and knowledge from the IREF program.

I played, I cheered, I coached. Now…IREF.

Mark T. Probert



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