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Goal Keeper

Referee Feedback Surveys

IREF wants your input on how the IREF referees are doing. Taking a survey is easy and gives the IREF mentors needed feedback to help train the referees. Instead of yelling at a referee, tell us how we can train them to be better. 

IREF Protocols

IREF has a different philosophy when it comes to communication with players, partners and coaches. When a referee uses the IREF game management protocols the game flows better and the parents and coaches are more at ease. 


Within the IREF protocols, we teach the referee to be accountable to the game. IREF also train the referees how to hold the players, parents and coaches accountable for their actions that are out side of the laws of the game.

Dissent is a big problem in youth sports in general. Parents and coaches that berate, mock or heckle a  young referee are not following the laws or spirit of the game. The IREF protocols teach the referee how to warn and then hold accountable those who dissent during a match. 

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